Guest Speaker - Endorsements


Founder of the 24/7 International Prayer Ministry

Pastor Steve is a true son of GOD

His surrender to JESUS' LORDSHIP allows him to hear THE VOICE of GOD with accuracy and love.  I recently highly recommended him to Faith Gospel Ministries, where I co-lead with Andrew Ramos.  With high expectation we were all blessed with Pastor Steve's encouraging message and beautiful uplifting individual WORDS for the saints. 

I have found Pastor Steve's WORDS to be unique and timely like GOD WHO truly knows the desires of our hearts.  Pastor Steve hears GOD'S VOICE and brings forth a message that touches your heart.

Pastor Steve's Giftings are genuine and sincere and his Christian walk is humbly filled with love! A vessel of gold where LORD JESUS reigns sovereign in the castle of his heart! 


Meredith Jane Martin
Founder of the 24/7 International Prayer Ministry 

and Co-Leader of Faith Gospel Revival Ministries.

Cleansing River Ministries


I knew from the very first time I was invited to one of Pastor Steve's Bible studies, that I was in the presence of one of God's highly anointed!  I have heard him as a guest speaker at Cleansing River Ministries in Reseda, California...and also at his home church in Van Nuys.  

His peaceful prophetic Spirit-led teachings will resonate deep in your soul.

Pastor Steve's gentle approach is not to be missed!  This is exactly what is needed in the chaotic times we are living in.  I always leave his meetings feeling encouraged, nurtured and supported.  

He is a Pastor who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve God's Purpose for your life. He doesn't just talk about being interested, he actually helps you to walk it out.

Thank you Pastor Steve for being a consistent blessing to us all!


Sherry Lynne

BCBC, SMC-C, CNC, Worship Leader, Ordained Minister, Board Certified Biblical Counselor, Stress Management and Grief Counselor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist.