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Dream Interpretation

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Christian Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Interpretation is 

a Christian and biblical approach to Dream Interpretation.  

Christian Dream Interpretations are prayerfully given through a prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit.  

It is our prayer that these Christian Dream Interpretation Videos encourage and enrich your relationship with God 

and His Son Jesus Christ.

How God Uses Dreams

Christian Dream Interpretation

Biblical Examples of How God Has Used Dreams and Dream Interpretation: 

God has used Dream Interpretation

 to Speak to Leaders in Government

(Daniel 2 and Daniel 4).

God has used Dream Interpretation that resulted in Egypt storing food in preparation for an upcoming famine. Egypt then fed its citizens and other neighboring nations for years (Genesis 41).

God has used Dreams to Protect Family Members from Physical Harm

(Matthew 2:13-14).

God has used Dream Interpretation to Supernaturally Reveal Imminent Success in Impossible Situations

(Judges 7, especially verses 13-15).

God has used Dreams to Encourage People in Their Relationship with God...Making Known Amazing Future Blessings

( Genesis 28:10-15, 1 Kings 3:5-15a ).

Personal & Private Requests


Personal & private requests for dream interpretation by our prophetic team may soon be available.

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